Wood Elves hunters in a foggy pine forest.

An Elf (or in plural: Elves) is a type of being in Germanic and Norse mythology and folklore. The Elves may have followed the Vikings to England but I’m unsure if they still live there.

In the Swedish language, they are named Alver and should not be mistaken for Älvor.

In Sweden, Norway and Germany observations of Elves differ so much so it’s hard to say if it is the same race.

This illustration shows my first meeting with the Wood Elves. In summer 2014 I was camping in the woods of Västmanland in Sweden and making some coffee on my campfire when suddenly two strange persons came riding. They talked a language I never heard before but I understood that it was some kind of danger they tried to tell me about.

After just a few seconds they disappeared. But I was stunned for a minute or two. You can´t look directly to an Elf of the opposite gender (may depend on your sexual orientation) without being stunned by love.

She was so beautiful that there is no word in any human language to explain it.

Anyway, when they rode away my admiration was cold down a little and I understood that I had to leave.

An hour later back in my car I heard on the radio that the worst wildfire in 40 years broke out in that area.

The Elves saved my life!

If I´m still in love with her?

So far I have returned to the forest of Västmanland 23 times to find her.

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