Michael MacMillan – Sculptor in New Zealand

Michael MacMillan is an artist and sculptor working from his studio on Neudorf Road in Upper Moutere, Nelson, New Zealand. He is well known for his large outdoor sculptures and limited edition bronzes. Michael’s work is bold, reflective, textured, carved and kinetic.While polished aggregate is the medium that Michael is best known for, his works also include classical and contemporary bronzes and innovative creations using French Oak.Michael has just completed his new Gallery. It’s an artwork in itself, blending traditional materials and traditional craftsmanship, and is worth a visit on its own. It’s a true reflection of the aesthetic that permeates all Michael’s work.Inside the English looking Barn it was hoped that people would be able to watch Michael at work.

Inside the English looking Barn it was hoped that people would be able to watch Michael at work. However, that idea didn’t eventuate as he decided he needed both spaces to display his work. One-half of the Gallery is a dedicated Country Homeware Shop. Here you’ll find all manner of original kitchen and homeware items made from French oak, recycled metals, and vine prunings. All created by Micheal and partner Jackie Crow. All materials are recycled and sourced locally. Michael’s sculptural eye is evident in the beautiful lines and meticulous craftsmanship of these items.Other products made by fellow artisans from the Moutere Hills are also available at the shop. You’ll also find coffee to go with an ever-changing selection of treats to enjoy. The family lives an artful life against the dramatic backdrop of the Mount Arthur ranges.Michael and Jackie are part of the Moutere Artisans collective. This is a group with a passion for making fine things who all happen to live in the Moutere Hills. They make glorious wine, traditional cider, olive oil and sheep’s cheese. They grow gourmet mushrooms and strawberries. They make conserves from local fruit and berries. They are talented ceramic artists, multimedia sculptors and woodworkers and their local, the Moutere Inn, pours artisan beers.If you are coming to the Moutere to see Michael’s work it is definitely worth making a day of it and visiting the other members.

Visit Michael MacMillan at http://www.michaelmacmillan.co.nz.

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