How it works

The idea with is to give artists, like myself, and other a chance to promote our artworks.

There is already hundreds or thousands of link directories but most of them you will have to pay for and they rarely actually gives your any new visitors. On big sites like FineArtAmerica for example, it’s not easy to be visible among 100.000 other artists. On a web directory, you submit your home page once – then nothing more.

I will not call for a link directory. You should see it like a living community where you can interact and share your artworks rather than a URL to your web.

Whenever you have some new artwork you can upload an image or picture of it, write some text about it, add a link to your homepage or blog and publish it here.

Everything is about linking.

The more links there is towards your pages, the more important Google will rate it. But, only if there is a connection in the content. If a page about changing an engine in a Volvo links to your page about watercolor painting Google won’t rank it especially high. On YOU write the content and it should be much more appropriate.

Here, you should not link to your start page, but to the specific blog post or page, you will promote. When you after a day, a week or a month have a new blog post, you can come back here and write another post. After a while, you will have a lot of links to different parts of your blog/homepage depending on how active you are. Google will love that! 🙂

Everything is not about Google.

It’s very important for you that Google visits your pages and ranking them high. But, Google won’t buy any paintings from you.
You need living people to visit your blog. People don’t read link directories.

On we all together can build up a very interesting and attractive Meeting Point/Community/Web Portal (you name it) where artists meet potential customers.
To make that possible we need to add interesting content but also link back to

Did I mention how much Google like back links?

7 simple steps to success.

  1. Write an article on your own blog about your latest art project and add a picture to it.
  2. Login on (or register if not already a member – it’s totally free).
  3. Choose Submit in the top menu.
  4. Follow the instructions there to make a presentation of your project, add a picture and add a link to your blog post/page.
  5. In order to keep this site free from spam and inappropriate material, a human will control your post before approval and publishing. It should be done in a few hours.
  6. Link back to The link to is optional but it will help yourself and all the other artists here. The back-link must not necessary be located on a sidebar or similar. You can for example put in a blog post. Why not write a post about
  7. Enjoy your growing traffic of art loving visitors! 🙂

Link back to

For banners, code and instructions on how to link to please click here.