Fine Visual Art

About FineVisualArt.com

When I started to work on this website the purpose was to promote my own artwork.

I found it quite hard to find any good places on the internet to share my work. As a photographer (I am a professional photographer) it seems to be endless of sites to promote my photos. Everything from the local photo club, national sites and huge global communities and networks. My experience is that it’s not really the same regarding other forms of visual art.

Of course, there are places like Facebook and Twitter where people likes or give you a thumb up without seeing your image or reading your text.

I felt a need of a site where people who like and are interested in art can meet those crazy people, called artists, who create art.

The idea of FineVirtualArt.com was born.

At the time of writing, I’m still working with the creation of the website.

Hopefully, everything will be up and running in a few days. And my wish is that there are more artists out there who can see the potential in this project. The whole idea builds on that we, the contributors make the site alive.

Please take a look at How it works for more information.

Best regards,
Andy Renard